Tim Russell plays a leadership and executive role in multiple ventures in the technology and E-commerce arena. He’s developed successful sales strategies and utilized an array of marketing concepts to acquire active customer bases in a variety of verticals including: Amazon based businesses, subscription services, affiliate sales, warm leads/telephone transfers, domain asset management and client based work.

Tim’s current work focuses on driving internet based sales by extensively studying buyer behavior and psychology with an awareness and utilization of common cognitive biases and the nuances of emotional money that pertain to purchasing patterns. Tim holds a degree in Sociology with an emphasis on marketing studies from the University of Tampa and is currently writing his first book on Internet Marketing.

Tim has spoken at Columbia Business School, delivering a guest lecture on digital marketing, successfully exited one subscription based company in under 20 months and continues to drive 7 figure online sales campaigns in both ownership roles and affiliate partner roles.

Tim is currently not accepting client based work, you can reach out via email at: for speaking engagements, consulting or potential partnerships.